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What is wrong with wordpress? + The Blog I strive to retrieve

Okay, I been writing a few blogs lately and at least 2 of the 10 blogs disappeared on me. I published them and I didn’t tamper with them. As soon as one little mistake or bug is made on this site, the whole blog crashes on me no matter how long it is.

I wanted to repost this blog about birth control, but it exceeded at least 2000 words. I am not going to remember everything I put down, honestly.

I’ll attempt to condense it, but if this site crashes on me again while I write this then FUCK YOU WORDPRESS!!! (got that out of my chest)

I agree with Adam Carolla on the issue of birth control, the minute people start really taking this responsibility and start having a child when they CAN, not out of surprise, the minute the world’s problems are coming to an end. Some question, like oh there’s Sandra Fluke advocating for free birth control provided by the government… Please do, the cycle of poverty depends on over-population. The people also, especially in the inner cities (I am very familiar with the area being raised and born out there for a certain time) need to really learn closely about safe/responsible sex and the effects of over-population. Most potential issues will be prevented in the end if people take precautions on sex. I don’t intend on stopping people, do as you may, but do not bring life to people we cannot afford to have here. 

With that being said, I was inspired to write this because my college was handing out some free condoms to the students and I say, keep doing that hahaha even if I am not the guy who needs them, stay protected :p


-Mini Desperado (Dezy)


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I am a short, clumsy but cleverly awkward college student from California who wishes to express the most random of personal opinions that come to mind. I hope that I can formulate my opinions and appeal to everybody, only to find out that less than 1% of the population agrees with me. Hopefully this can make you think much more (or probably much less) of me once you become immersed into this blog.

2 responses to “What is wrong with wordpress? + The Blog I strive to retrieve

  1. I really liked the layout of your blog. When I first came to the page it looked like you took the time to design your page

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